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Proper Finger Position on the Ukulele
Proper Finger Position on the Ukulele
Saturday 22 May 2004

Contrary to what you might think by looking at a chord diagram, the best spot to place a left-hand finger on fretboard is NOT in the middle of the frets, but rather immediately beside a fret (i.e. just to the left of it). The reason for this is that it requires for less pressure to properly hold the string down in that location than exactly between two frets, or anywhere to the left of that. If you press down on a string without adequate pressure, the result is often a very annoying buzzing sound!

So, this is bad. Very, very bad:

... and this is the way it should be done!

In general, you should press on strings with your finger tips rather than the pads of the fingers, so that you are only pressing down on the string you should be pressing down on. If you playing a chord and are touching an adjacent string by accident, you may very well stop that string from vibrating, and the lovely note that should be produced by that string will no longer sound.

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