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How to Read Ukulele Chord Diagrams
How to Read Ukulele Chord Diagrams
Saturday 22 May 2004

Reading ukelele chord diagrams is simple, when you know how!

The standard ukulele chord diagram is simply a vertical representation of the ukulele fretboard. The horizontal lines represent the frets, while the vertical lines represent the strings. The numbers on the vertical lines represent the fingers of the left hand (index=1, middle=2, ring=3 and pinky=4). A little "o" above a vertical line indicates that the open string (a string with no left hand finger on it) below that "o" should be strummed. A little "x", which you probably will rarely see, would mean that you do not strum that open string.

This diagram sums it all up:

Now, by way of examle, here is a picture of the C chord, followed by a chord diagram of the same chord:

Because there are three little "o"s above the three strings that have no fingers on them, they are to be strummed as well.

Easy, hey? Remember to strive for proper finger placement for each finger to reducing buzzing. Now you can work on increasing your chord vocabulary, by learning all the ukulele major chords, minor chords and 7th chords!

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